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April showers bring Mayflowers – May marketing brings summer jobs.  If you are sitting waiting for the phone to ring, you are setting yourself up for financial failure.  I have been talking to many entertainers around the country and I am hearing the same message, “There’s a lot of work out there, you just have to go out and get it”.  So how do you get more work?  Mailings, cold calls, research new prospects are just some of the many ways to get more work.

To maximize your income select a specific target each month and focus on that group.  Right now, I am planning for customer application events and Christmas parties.  Companies typically have a customer application day in the summer, while major corporations are booking party rooms for holiday parties.    It all about planning your future and understand that this is a business.  Things you do early in the year will help later.  Water those flowers now and by mid-summer, you are going to have a garden full of flowers.

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On May - 24 - 2010

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