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Magical Balloon-dude Dale is on Facebook and Twitter
Written by Administrator   
Mar 20, 2009 at 09:21 AM
With the increase in information, typical RSS feeds are becoming like snail mail, just tooooo slow for todays work environment.  To help expedite the information, Magical Balloon-dude Dale is quickly getting engulfed in to the world of Social Networking.  You will find Magical Balloon-dude Dale in Facebook - Dale Obrochta and his Twitter id is BalloonAnimals.  All other forms of communication are still intact i.e.: RSS feeds, newsletter, Dale's Blog, myspace and the mbd2.com article section.
Mbd2.com Launches New Entertainer’s Website Network
Written by Administrator   
Feb 09, 2009 at 10:14 PM

On February 10, 2009 the Entertainer’s Website Network  launches into existence. The Entertainer’s Website Network is a resource for professional entertainer to advertise their entertainment services. Its design allows Internet users and entertainers to quickly and efficiently find entertainers throughout the world.  Users will be able to read and make comments about the entertainer, along with viewing a thumbnail image of the entertainer’s website.

The Entertainer’s Website Network allows users the opportunity to find entertainers by city, state, country, entertainment name/business name, personal name, along with selected terms chosen by the entertainer.

User can locate entertainer by entertainment category or by a quick link tag specified on the navigational sidebar. A visual tip shows high volume categories with a larger font; making it easier for users to find popular entertainment regions.

A benefit of being listed in the Entertainer’s Website Network is its association with the mbd2.com entertainment community.  The mbd2.com association propels the Entertainer’s Website Network, into major search engines and allows mbd2.com page ranking to be passed onto registered members of the Entertainer’s Website Network.

Pre-marketing to the entrainment community has been a major priority for mbd2.com. With the grand opening date scheduled for February 10th. Mbd2.com has been encouraging entertainers to join the Entertainer’s Website Network early, and to take advantage of the market blitz surrounding its grand opening. Preliminary web statistics are indicating the pre-marketing advertising is drawing users to check out the site and click on entertainers listed in the Entertainer’s Website Network.

mbd2.com is planning to promote the Entertainer’s Website Network through numerous email lists, blog notices, entertainment clubs, forums, entertainer’s toolbar, and the 5,000 plus readers of the mbd2.com newsletter.

The Entertainer’s website offers two advertising options. Option 1, a $50 package allows:

  • Thumbnail image of website
  • Full-size image of website
  • List website title
  • List owners name
  • List state of operation
  • List country of operation
  • Link to website
  • Choice of 3 categories
  • 5 User defined keywords for search + Owners name, city, state, and country of operation
  • Rating of website
  • User comments
  • 1 Year Subscription

Option 2 is a $95.00 package which provides:

  • Thumbnail image of website
  • Full-size image of website
  • List website title
  • List owners name
  • List state of operation
  • List country of operation
  • Choice of 6 categories
  • 20 User defined keywords for search + Owners name, city, state, and country of operation
  • Rating of website
  • User comments
  • 1 Years Subscription

Payments can be made by PayPal, Money Order, or Credit Card

The following application must be completed along with payment to be accepted into the Entertainer’s Website Network.

EWN Application #1 - $50.00

EWN Applicaiton #2  - 95.00

Join the Entertainer’s Website Network.  Option #1 Option #2

MacPump Teams with mbd2.com
Written by Dale Obrochta   
Dec 13, 2005 at 12:00 AM
DEO Consulting, Inc (mbd2.com) now is now a distributor for McPumps professional manual floor pumps.  MacPump produced a 4” PVC, 38” tall, 10 lbs balloon pump that can quickly and easily inflate the standard 260 twisting balloon. This special design has a unique capability which allows users to preset the down stoke of the pump to inflate a balloon to a specific size.
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Your favorite balloon store is now on facebook. Come learn about the newest products, videos, and discounts at mbd2.com store. Simply go to the mbd2.com balloon store page and click like.  Still hungry for more information about the mbd2.com and the balloon entertainment business? Sign up for the mbd2.com update notice right on the front page of the mbd2.com store fan page.  Don't wait any longer - lets do it now.
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