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Home arrow Getting Started arrow New Balloon Game - Alphabet Challenge
New Balloon Game - Alphabet Challenge PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dale Obrochta   
Feb 06, 2006 at 12:57 PM

Here is a game that I developed which can be used to help stimulate your creative balloon twisting.  This game is perfect to do at a balloon jam because twisters of all skill levels can participate.

Alphabet Challenge

One person creates an animal;  a dog, for example. The next person must create a balloon animal based on the last letter of the previous balloon created.  G is the last letter, so the next person would have to create a balloon animal that starts with the letter G.  This continues around the room until you run out of ideas.

To make the game more challenging, animals may not be repeated, so if you make a giraffe for the letter G, you may not use giraffe again. If a person accidentally repeats an animal that already has been made for that letter, they are eliminated. The game ends when no more designs can be made for that letter.

  • All animals must be recognizable as that animal.  For example, if you are making an animal that start with the letter T, and you want to make a trout. It MUST look like a trout and not a basic fish.  
  • The letter has to refer to the noun not adjectives.  If the letter is Y, you can not use yellow cat, but Yellow Fin Tuna is allowed.

Team Play:

Two teams are created, 3-7 players per team.  To see who goes first, have a balloon inflating contest: The first person to inflate a full 260 and tie it, wins, and their team goes first.

Player 1 from team A creates an animal,  and then player 1 from team B creates the second animal. Player 2 from team A, creates the third animal If player 2 from team B cannot make anything,  they are eliminated and play returns to team A player 3 -  No repeated animals will be allowed from previous play.  If player 3 on team A cannot play they are eliminated and it keeps going through the line.  The winner is the team with the last person able to make a balloon animal.

If teams  become lopsided, an alternative is to combine the teams and continue playing to you have one winner.

Group Play:

Rules are like team play, but with out the teams. Ten people sit in a circle and the first person starts.  The person to the right of them  twists next.  If a person cannot design a balloon animal, they are eliminated and it skips to the next person.  The last person twisting is the winner.

mbd2.com Forum Play:

One person will start with an animal. The picture is posted in the forum.  Anybody can go next, but only one picture is accepted for that letter.  If somebody beats you to it, you have to wait until that letter comes around again.  After posting your picture you must sit out 2 letters before you can post again.  This will prevent one person from dominating the game.

  • You can NOT use pictures by other players, you must create it yourself.
  • You CAN use their design from other games, posting, or portfolio – but you have to recreate it! 
  • No posting of “How did you make that?” PM the person and ask. 
  • NO teaming, it’s you against everyone. 
  • Game ends when A) there are no new posts in 5 days or B) designs runs out for that letter.
  • The letter has to refer to the noun not adjectives.  If the letter is Y, you can not use yellow cat, but Yellow Fin Tuna is allowed.
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