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Home arrow Articles arrow Trade Show Booth Tips arrow 7 Reasons Why Lead Generation Fails in a Trade Show Booth
7 Reasons Why Lead Generation Fails in a Trade Show Booth PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Dale Obrochta   
Feb 02, 2010 at 11:37 AM

Here are seven reasons why lead generation fails.  Learn and understand what causes these problems and increase your sales and reduce overall marketing costs.

  1. Inept sales staff – Your company has spent thousands of dollar to attend a trade show and what happens after the leads are collected—nothing.  Sales staff have to follow through with inquires to make the sale.  Too often, these leads are tossed to the side and are never followed up on.
  2. Non-qualifying of leads—Swiping every attendees badge just makes it look good for the person doing the swiping.  A massive amount of money is lost in man-hours and literature wasted on bad contacts.
  3. Faulty data gathering and entry—Inexperience working and gathering trade show information can make lead follow up a nightmare.  Incorrect names, emails, and telephone numbers can turn a hot lead into a cold call quickly.
  4. Procrastination to research missing data allows the leads to be useless. Eventually they are tossed into the garbage.
  5. Booth Mismanagement—Exhibit booths are not like your office.  Too often leads are tossed into a box under a table or in a closet.  Many times leads are left lying on the floor or packed away with the trade show containers.
  6. Classification Failure—Lack of improper data gather of what the prospect was inquiring about, forces sales staff to send general marketing material and not the data need to secure the sale.
  7. Bad Conference—No every trade show is right for each company.  Trade shows needs to complement the product or service that your company is selling.

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