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Here are the Archived entries for 03 2009

Never, ever be "wide open" again!
Written by Dale Obrochta   
Mar 20, 2009 at 08:59 AM

The concept is pretty simple. From here to eternity your life will be marked BUSY form 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.  BUSY is spending time entertaining, relaxing with the family or "prospecting" for new clients. From here on out, your never "wide open" again.  You'll never say "I don't have anything going on." You are busy all day and you will have to rearrange or adjust your schedule to fit in the meeting or event. Busy people are in demand.

"I'm wide open" or "I don't have anything going on that day" are terrible things to say to a prospective client when negotiating a meeting or event. Basically, you're saying "No one wants to hire me." Make your time valuable and organized; your time is valuable and is not there for others to dictate, manipulate or to give away.

Mentally, write the words "busy prospecting" before every scheduled event. This prospecting time is valuable time and should not be considered a time to goof off, but time dedicated to increasing your business. Train yourself to prospect each day and grow your business.  It could be social networking, blogging, writing articles, cold calling, research competitors, developing new PR material, writing press release, the list goes on.  Schedule prospecting time into your work schedule will help guarantee your success. So when asked, "Are you available?" You can honestly say "I do have something scheduled, but I can adjust my schedule to accommodate you."  Being "wide open" is no longer an answer, you're busy prospecting.

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