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Here are the Archived entries for 12 2008

Over Professionalism Can’t Hurt!
Written by Dale Obrochta   
Dec 17, 2008 at 11:34 PM

Have you ever wondered how some entertainers get the “big” jobs? What do they tell their clients that persuade them to hire them?

Successfully entertainers understand written, verbal and visual marketing tools that can make a presentation or sales pitch a winner. I personally, am a big advocate of having current marketing material and having plenty of it in stock.  I’ve learned by creating marketing material forces me to expand my service in a way that is professional, but also simple enough for all to understand.  By re-inventing or improving upon my marketing material, forces me to expand my vocabulary, enhance its appearance, and develop marketing material for multiple markets which help me land the big accounts.

One example is the curriculum vitae (CV) which is included in my marketing package.  If you work with people in the media market who develop radio, TV, print ads or a media agent –then these individuals use a CV to quickly sort through potential candidates.  A CV is an entertainer’s resume that outlines physical characteristics, goals, and achievements which are a one page resume -- void of major marketing rederick.

The purpose of the CV is to give the customer a marketing tool that they use to evaluate your service.  Business people like thing short and simple.  Trying to get them to watch a DVD or browse a web site will not happen unless they have interest in you. The CV or entertainment resume will help separate you from the competition and give them a reason to learn more about you.  First then, are they willing to spend time watching videos and browsing your web site.

Now many entertainers don’t have a CV. Some will never make the time to create one, but for those who want to progress to the next level, will.   They will use the CV to enhance their professionalism and include its information in to their presentation.   The CV is a tool that can help you land the “big” gig and takes you to the next level of professionalism.

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