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Become an Store Affiliate and Make Money

Make Money Selling Balloon Supplies the Easy Way!

  • No inventory!
  • Nothing to Sell!
  • No contacts with the customer!
  • Place a banner ad on your web site and earn you 5% for every order.

Here's the best part: All orders come directly to us. We do ALL the work. You receive the commissions.

Twitter or Facebook your URL

Why not tell all your friends about your affiliations with the mbd2 store? They need to buy gifts for family and friends and would rather buy from your link then somebody else's. If you like a DVD, send your facebook friends to your affiliate link. Write a quick review review and make money. You earn the money, the get a really great DVD. It's win-win for all. Store Offers Affiliates

  • Professional Store
  • Quality Products
  • Secure Shopping Environment for Customers
  • Manages all Inventory and Shipping Requirements

Sign up today by clicking on the link (Affiliate Program).  All we need is your/company name and an email to contact you when your check is ready. 


How it Works

Simply place an affiliate banner ad with html code linking your web site to the store.  That’s it! Then sit back and earn 5% commission on all sales referred from your web site.

What to sell specific products?


Anybody can use the Link

Affiliates can even use the link to buy products from and save 5% on your purchases. If your a DVD produces, earn an extra 5% on video sales by sending customers to the store using your affiliate link.


Clubs and Clown Alleys

Would you like to make money for your club or alley? Place an affiliate link on your club page and encourage members to use the link when buying products. The commission earned can go towards the organization.


Why Not Sell Qualatex Balloons or Mac Pumps on Your Web Site?

Would you like to sell the most popular twisting balloon on your web site. Use the category link and you can link right to all the Qualatex products in the store. By using this link you can retail the most popular balloon products through the store. Simply replace the AffiliateId with your Affiliate id number. Get your Affiliate ID

Use the link below with a graphic or by itself. Go to the store and use the graphics from the store.

Qualatex Link

Mac Pump's


Sell Specific Product like DVD's, Pumps or Books

Do you have a favorite DVD and would like to cash in on it's popularity? Then link directly to the DVD and start selling them today! Simply, go to the store, find the product(s) you would like to sell and save the product image. Upload the image into your web page and attach the URL Code below.

What to sell a balloon kit to your customers?

Why not Sell Happy Birthday Centerpiece Kits


Don't Have a Web site, use Dale's Blog

So you don't have a web site then let Dale's Blog to help you. Write a truthful review about a product(s) and submit the review in Dale's Blog. I will add the authors Affiliate URL to the posting inside the review. When people read the posting they can click on the link and you will receive credit for the sale.


How to Market Your Affiliate Link

  1. Understand the target audience your marketing too
  2. Place the affiliate links where it utmost visible to the targeted visitors
  3. Recommend affiliate products with your affiliate links placed at various forums or product review web sites
  4. Write articles about your promoted products
  5. Use a newsletter is an effective way to promote an affiliate link
  6. Email friends or relatives that might be interested in some products with product reviews and links
  7. Do not spam your web site for promoting a product

Sign up today by clicking on the link (Affiliate Program).  All we need is your/company name and an email to contact you when your check is ready. 






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Make Money Selling Balloon Supplies the Easy Way
How it Works
Anybody can use the Link
Clubs and Clown Alleys
Why Not Sell Qualatex Balloons or Mac Pumps on Your Web Site?
Sell Specific Products
Don't have a web site, use Dale's Blog
How to Market Your Affiliate Link
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Purchase at - DEO Consulting, Inc.
Purchase at - DEO Consulting, Inc.
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