Clown Stickers

  Clown Stickers for Entertainers

Clown stickers are a great addition to a clown performance or face painting show. Are the kids to young for face painting or balloons? Give them a clown sticker.

Need to leave a picnic and have disappointed kids? Cheer them up with clown stickers before you leave. Just peal off a sticker and place it on a child. Kids love stickers and these clown stickers were made specifically for the clown industry.

The clown stickers are available in rolls of 250 and are designed for easy tear off. In just minutes you can make kids happy with a clown sticker.

Clown stickers are a great reward for visiting doctor's offices, kid’s trade show give-a-ways, company picnics, block parties, and birthday parties. Entertainers will find the clown sticker is appreciated by all ages, so check out the gallery of clown stickers.

Please note no clown was hurt in the production of these clown stickers.

All clown stickers are professional quality.

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