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Balloon Supplies

Balloon Supplies

Balloon supply storage – Periodically you will hear new entertainers ask how they should store their balloon supplies. Does the heat really affect the balloons? Should I keep them in the freezer or in dark place?

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This is what I have learned about maintaining balloon supplies over my many years of entertaining. Yes, heat does have an effect on balloon supplies. So, do not store them in your oven or microwave! Wait. That is not what I mean by heat. The heat I am referring to is when the entertainer is outside in 100-degree heat. When entertaining in hot weather, everything has its problems and your balloon supplies are no different. I have entertained for 4-6 hours in 100-degree weather and had no problems with twisting under inflated or soft balloons. The key is, burp your balloons and make them softer. It is a little harder to work with, but it works. When the balloon is fully inflated the latex is thinner, and is effect by the heat.

Balloon Supplies

Now, for the balloon storage part of the question, do not store your balloon supplies in your car—it gets extremely hot in the car. If you have too, store your balloon supplies in the trunk. When you hear people talking about storing balloons, we are really talking about balloon suppliers who warehouses are not air-conditioned. For the average person, storing your balloon supplies at room temperature is fine, while others will store them in basement or room that does not exceed 80+ degrees.

Sunlight can cause breakdown of the latex, so do not store your balloon supplies were they can sit in direct sunlight. Best to store them in a location like a closet.

Freezing balloon supplies – Why? I have had balloon supplies by many different manufactures, which have been 1-2 years old, and have had no major problems. Freeze last week’s meal, but not your balloon supplies. If you really think about it, wouldn’t the manufacture print on the bag – Refrigerate or Freeze after opening?


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