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Web Advertising

Web Advertising, the How To

Web Advertising is a lot of work and many hours will be dedicated to research where to advertise. You have to figure out what market you would like to attack. This sound simple enough, but you may be in a very completive market or going against well established web advertisers. Web Advertising has the potential to reach 1,000 views an hour to 1 view a month, but quantity views do not always mean quality sales.

When we look at web advertising we talk about page impressions, click and click through rate. Page impressions are very important because marketing research has shown people need to see the advertisement over and over again before the will buy. This is true in all advertising, repetition is important. Therefore it is important to have your web advertisement displayed numerous times before it will be clicked. This does not mean they will buy anything. It just means the will view that page.

Click is the process of leaving the advertisers web site and going to your web site. The number of clicks on an advertisement will be determined on what the web advertisement says, how it is worded, and on what advertisement web site it is placed. A web advertisement sell automotive part on an automotive clubs web site will generate more clicks then a web advertisement selling jewelry.

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