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mbd2 10 year bash

Flyer about balloon convention 10 yr bash!

About the Jam

September 25 & 26 2007
Midlothian, IL

About the Jam





History of DEO Consulting

Mbd2 is owned and operated by DEO Consulting, Inc.  Chief founder of DEO Consulting is Dale Obrochta, known as Magical Balloon-dude-Dale.  This celebration of 10 year bash is a reflection of the website which was created in 1997.  Since the creation of this website it has become internationally known for it marketing material of balloon entertainment, e-commerce balloon supplies, international forum, and industry articles.  The forum is comprised of professional balloon entertainers, part time entertainers and hobbyists.  The 10 year bash is being hosted by DEO Consulting, to celebrate this milestone and is hosting a national event that will be showcasing instructors, products and the balloon industry. 

History of – Host of 10 year bash
In 1988 DEO Consulting, Inc. was born. Its owner, Dale E. Obrochta was a professional entertainer who worked at a local trick shop and entertained around the Chicago land area. On January 21, 1997 Dale developed The site originally was going to be co-hosted by Dale and a DJ company. This lasted little over three months when the DJ company decided the Internet was not for them. But Dale kept the URL...

In 1998 Dale opened a Yahoo! balloon forum and in 2000 started it first e-commerce site. In 2002 the forum was started. As each year goes by new products and services are developed and incorporated into the site.Our goal is simple; provide good products along with good services. We do our best to make your shopping experience enjoyable and providing the best in balloon services.

Biography: Magical Balloon-dude Dale
If you ask Dale where he learned his skill, he will tell you from a bunch of twisted people. While attending college he met a group of professional entertainers, which met every Monday and would practice in the gym. Always wanting to learn how to juggle, Dale joined this merry group.

This Illinois Entertainer learned from world-class jugglers, unicyclist, magicians, clowns, balloonists, fire-eaters, theatrical entertainers, and vaudevillians. I did not realize at the time how lucky I was to be working with such talented people and the skills and techniques that were freely given to me.

I have used all my entertainment skills over the years, but have decided I would rather be a Master of one form of entertainment, than be average in many. So a Master Balloonist I am, and a solid multi-talent entertainer when needed.

Magical Balloon-dude Dale's balloon twisting has appeared in Qualatex ® Balloon Magic, The Magazine in the Spring 1996 issue, were he created Noah’s Ark. In the Number 9 issue he contributed to the article Join the Winning Team; which he gives his personal experience working with professional sports teams.


* Master's Degree in Communication
* MC for Cable Television Show
* Performed on NBC and WGN
* On premise Promotions Entertainer for Harris Gaming Corporation
* Author of Faces, Faces, Balloon Faces and Mardi Gras Bead Twisting
* Co Produced The Art Of Balloon Twisting
* Developed largest individually owned balloon website -      
* Introduced Festive Alien and Clown Head balloons to the balloon industry
* Operates a successful e-commerce website selling entertainment supplies