Printed Balloons

Printed balloons, make them
work for you.

Custom printing a logo or booth location on a 350 balloon
A 350 balloon is a balloon that has a 3 inch diameter and is 50 inches long. This 350 printed balloon can be printed on three locations left, middle or right side. These printed balloons are used by balloon entertainers, but use mostly for corporate twisting then normal balloon animal modeling. They are great balloons to shoot across the convention floor.

printed balloons

350 - 3" x 50" a thick balloon, used in larger balloon sculptures

Create a balloon war
Imagine your company logo or booth location flying everywhere. Create a balloon war with other vendors. Board vendors will shoot these printed balloons across the trade show floor, creating instant advertising for your booth. Hold up a ring and see how many people can shoot a printed balloon into the ring. Target practice, once started vendors will be aiming at everything.

Printed 260 Balloon
The main twisting balloon is the 260 which now can be printed on. This allows for promotional entertainers to use this printed balloon in balloon hats and can develop balloon sculptures that will display the logo or booth location prominently in the balloon sculpture. If your going to have a promotional entertainer used these balloons with printed logos, I would strongly suggest you provide them weeks to a month in advance so a designs can be develop to incorporate your logo. Otherwise the printed balloons will be used like a normally balloon and your logo will not be displayed prominently.

printed balloons

260 - 2" x 60" is used in balloon twisting, large sections of colors,
best used for balloon animals and hats

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