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Future Twister - Movie Star Now!

I had the pleasure meeting Miko Hughes at the AM1000--Comisky outing. His name is not a house hold word, but this eleven-year-old movie star has worked with Hollywood mega-stars. Miko right now has been in nine movies, more than fifty commercials and numerous appearances on TV sitcoms.

Miko has a huge interest in balloon twisting. He has learned some basic ballooning from the Internet, but was astonished with seeing a professional balloonist up-close.

Miko told me he has been making balloon animals, with the extra balloons I gave him--He's been making balloons for cast members of his new movie Simon-staring Bruce Willis.

It was enjoyable to see a well-mannered, articulate, and all around cool kid. I look forward to seeing him on the big screen and hopefully we will see him in the ballooning community.

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