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Social Media Affects Your Business Image

Face it; social media is here.
Social media is not going away quickly, so with that said, “Is your company addressing the affect it could have on your business or your career?”

Learn more about social media in the work place on [...]

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Keeping Your Promise Improves Your Business Image

Promising Yourself to Failure
I promise, I will pass-on your resume
I promise, I will help you promote this product
I promise, I will stop smoking
I promise, that I be home by 6:00
I promise, that I will lose weight
I promise, I will come [...]

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We’ve Stop Learning and Are Expected to do Greater Things

We encourage our children to keep learning, growing and developing, but why is it that when we become adults we slow down the learning process?. We settle for the CliffsNotes of learning, by watching condensed News, skim newspapers for interesting [...]

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Sales Force Social Media Woo’s

Is your sales force lacking social media skills?
In today’s business culture companies are discouraging sales force from using social media, but yet they want their sales force social media savvy about its marketing potential.  Social media is a double ended [...]

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Join me for a Lunch-n-Learn

Come join me at the Gurnee Chamber of Commerce as I speak on How to Enhance Your Business Through Your Image
Be a participant, as I intertwine comedic balloon art with proven strategies that illustrate how your image communicates to customers [...]

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The Excuse: “I am too busy”

I am too busy to exercise.
I am too busy to read.
I am too busy to have a hobby.
I am too busy to take a vacation.
I am too busy to learn all the functions on my Smartphone.
I am too busy to [...]

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Improving Self-Image through Positive Thoughts

Perky Coworker vs Drama Queen –
Which stimulates positive thoughts?
Have you ever considered that your positive thoughts shape how others see you, react to you and thus create your self-image? Perky people are positive people who like bright colors and [...]

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Working Under Pressure

Working Under Pressure You Achieve Your Best Work
“I do my best work under pressure,” really, under pressure? I have heard this statement from many people who are up against a clock to get a project completed.  Magically, they get super [...]

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Consistency is not the path to Exceptional

Consistently late, consistently unreliable, consistently is mediocre we rate people by.
Consistency is a negative perception more so than a positive perception.  Very rarely will you hear the praise of being consistently on time, consistently superior, or consistently accurate?  Yet people [...]

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The Image of Intelligence

Being Informed, the Illusion of Intelligence in Business
Keeping informed of what is going on at work, your industry, and events’ happening around you creates the illusion of intelligence. One doesn’t need to be a world scholar to read a blog [...]

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