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Perception it’s a Mind Game

Perception it can be more

Perceptions, don’t let them keep you from Archiving your Goals.


Perception it can be moreThe inside sales staff perception of the world is controlled by their communication limitations.   Tethered to a phone, computer, and the surrounding equipment they struggle to achieve goals set by management.  Many will seek to reach the goals while others fall short and blame the tools at their disposal.   They perceive the newest smart phone will enhance their greatness and make them efficient, but forget with any new device the learning curve is steep.  Overwhelmed by the changes they quickly wish for their old ways and look upon the new ones as the reason they cannot achieve their goals.  No matter what you perception is of your equipment, good or bad, it is up to you to envision that you can achieve any goal with whatever tool is at your disposal.  Because, the greatest tool at your disposal is you and your ability to adapt, improve, and overcome.  And if all else fails, read the manual, it just may change your perception on what you’re doing.

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The Yin and Yang of Positive Images

Positive Images creates Winning Results

Positive images it's Yin & Yang of winning resultsI know doing standing side-lunges are good to build core strength and works the legs, but it is the one part of my daily workout I just want to fast-forward through. Organizing the basement is tedious and not fun or as my son would say when cleaning up his room “it’s boring”.  We all have things we just don’t want to do for many excuses, but we create a negative image to the chore which makes it harder to accomplish.

My four year old son will spend more time crying, standing in the bad boy corner, and getting yelled at for not pickup his toys. The energy spent not doing it is more than if he just picked up his toys.

Create a positive image in your head about the project.  There is a yin and yang to everything and it is our job to focus on the positive image.  Things we like to do we accelerate at and cannot wait to jump into it and get our hands dirty.  A positive image is a winning image.

Tips on how enhance your positive images and improve results.

  1. Add music – music is a natural pick-me-up mood enhancer and will help make the task not as boring.
  2. Relaxing breaths – take a five to six big relaxing breath before doing a project. Breathing will help relax muscles and increase your focus.
  3. Drink water – The body needs water and being hydrate will ensure your body and mind are physically ready to take on the task.
  4. Imagine what the project will look like when competed.  Visualizing the completed project will make you feel better knowing there is an end to the project.
  5. Work with somebody who likes and has a positive image about the project.  Allow some of their enthusiasm to rub off on you.  You just may learn to like the things you dislike.


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10 People who have Tarnished their Public Image


Public Image: The Good, Bad, and Ugly – Do you know these people by their tarnished image?

Public Image Good, Bad, and the Ugly

1)      Take a picture of private parts and store them on a computer that has access to the Internet.

2)      Frantically trashing a hotel room while looking for your wallet and cell phone, after you have been partying with a prostitute.

3)      Predicting the day of Rapture and when it passes, said you “miscalculated”.

4)      Actually lip sinking on national TV and not admitting to it when audio stops  you instantly break into river dancing.

5)      Shave your head and hold up a picture of the Pope on National TV, and say “Fight the real enemy!” and then tear the picture.

6)      While performing make the statement, “Just so you know, we’re ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.”

7)      Running a dog-fighting ring in your back yard.

8)      Have a gorgeous wife, child and a reputation of being a clean cut person, but have over 20 mistresses.

9)      Not verifying the facts before announces to the world that the leading GOP candidate’s military record is false.

10)   Publicly retiring from professional sports, then come out of retirement  -move to another team, retire, then come out of retirement again, just to play against the team that you retired from in the beginning.

Actions are linked to your image, so don’t make the mistake that these people have done in their career and tarnish your public image.

1)      Anthony Weiner, Congressman

2)      Charlie Sheen, Movie & TV Star

3)      Harold Camping, Christian Radio Broadcaster

4)      Ashlee Simpson, Musician

5)      Sinead O’Connor, Musician

6)      Dixie Chicks, Musicians

7)      Michael Vick, Professional Football Player

8)      Tiger Woods, Professional Golfer

9)      Dan Rather, TV News Anchor

10)   Brett Favre, Professional Football Player

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Organization Helps an Image

GoogleCal - Sync

Sync Outlook with Google Calendar and Improve Organization and Your Image

Organization helps your imageLong gone are the dedicated intercom systems linking directly to the efficient secretary whose organization duties were to maintain our business and personal appointments. Nowadays, we are the secretary, efficiency is questionable, but schedule makers we are. We don’t have anybody to blame for missing an appointment except ourselves, which tardiness or missing appointments reflects badly on an image. With the advancement of computers in the work place and smart phones becoming an extension of ourselves; it becomes important that we keep up with technology that improves efficiency and organization.

Google makes many free tools for the business person to be keeping connected, but one tool that helps improve organization and scheduling is Google Sync.  Google Sync is a free software application that allows a person to synchronize their Microsoft Outlook to their Google Calendar.  Synchronize calendars can be tricky if not impossible, due to the simple fact that competing companies don’t like interfacing with each other.  Microsoft is one of those companies that make it difficult to share information outside of its software applications.  Google bridges the gap and makes it very simple to sync Outlook to Google calendars.

Advantages of syncing the two calendars allows users to use their MS Outlook at work (standard in most companies), to sync it to their Google calendar.  Once sync, you can now manage is your calendar online or through your Android smart phone.

Google sync allows users to make changes on both calendars (online or smart phone) and share calendars between co-works, spouses, or allows you to maintain multiple calendars. Changes in Outlook will reflect in your Google calendar and vice versa.  No more missing the kid’s baseball game, birthday parties, or business meetings.

Organized calendars allows you to show up to scheduled events and dramatically improve an image.  So my advice is to seek out automation that interfaces with your existing technology and allow it to organize your schedule, which intern helps your image.

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Does Lady Gaga Influential You

lady gaga

Lady Gaga, Influential or Popular Celebrity

Lady Gaga influential or popular among teenagers?Lady Gaga‘s influential according to Frobes. Forbes announced Lady Gaga as the number one influential celebrities, knocking off Oprah Winfrey from their top honors this week.  Lady Gaga, who has the title of largest fan group on Twitter, 10.2 million follower and some 34.3 million Facebook fans, is popular on the Internet, but should we say Lady Gaga is  influential or should we say she the most popular social networking celebrity?

When I think of the word influential, I think of my parents, teachers, family, religious leaders and business colleagues that have touched my life in a way that changes have occurred.  Influential people do not sell anything or need extravagant clothing to catch my attention, but simply lived their life in a way that inspires.

Lady Gaga is a social media marketing phenomenon that can drive teenagers to download song at records rates.  Her fashion statements have not changed the way we dress and her political, regions, or educational intellect has not changed the way we view the world.  Her popularity sells merchandise and allows her to live a lifestyle that the average person cannot fathom. Her name on Forbe’s list makes international news, but yet an unknown parent somewhere in the world is influencing the next superstar.

So let us not praise a celebrity status, with a multi-million dollar PR team. Let us honor the people who influenced them as a child and allowed them to become Forbe’s most Influential Celebrity.

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Manage your Reputation


Manage your Image & Reputation using Yelp

 What is your Reptuation on Yelp?Do you realize Yelp is a service that allows customers to rank your business and leave a review of their experience has exceeded 15 million reviews?  As a business owner it is critical that you manage your image and reputation and to see what your clients are saying about your business in Yelp.

Recently, I did a search for a restaurant that I deal with and was surprise to read four reviews, two positive and two negative each posted in years past.  Yelp, listed the restaurant as not kid friendly, no takeout, no delivery and had dress attire incorrect.  Now, the pizza restaurant offers kids eat free with a balloon artist on Wednesday night; has a pickup window and a delivery service.  The reviews were void or incorrect of this information.  Therefore, it is imperative that business owner manage their reputation presented to the public.  Do not leave this task to an employee because their interested invested as short term compared to the owners reputation.

Actively managing your reputation is proactive marketing and needs to be done on a regular basis.  Promoting and encouraging satisfied customers to make testimonials and review of your business is a critical as fixing the problems address in the reviews.

With 15 million reviews, there is a lot of information to learn about your businesses, the competition, and the surrounding business that you deal with.  So jump on Yelp and do a quick search for your company and see how people are reviewing your service or product.

Do not forget to Google your name and see how search engines handle your reputation.

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Google Your Image


What is your Reputation According to Google?

Have you recently Googled your Name, email address, or company name lately? You may be pleasantly surprised or horrified at the results of your reputation. I once knew a professional entertainer who posted in a forum, “Why do my balloons keep popping.”  When they Googled their name that was the first listing on Google.  Not what you want your clients to see.

At the top of the search engines are social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter  all displaying your contract information.  Employees and job seekers are finding out very quickly how easy it is for employers pry into your activities.

Search for your email address and you get all the communities associated with your email address. Retrieved is every post, complaint, accolade, you’ve written over the years for all to see.  The key to a good image on the Internet is associate your name, company or email address with positive information. This may require publishing more information about you, but this way search engines can find current information which rises to the top of the page.

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Wikipedia it!


Wikipedia is an online resource that the general public supports and writes.  Some feel is a trustworthy site while others think it’s run by a bunch of crackpots and is untrustworthy. Whatever your belief is, many times a search engine will bring these pages to the top of the search rankings.  If you look at a topic you see they allow external resources, these are people or companies that have further information about the topic.  If your company is an expert on this subject then you should see your companies name there.  If not, you should add it.

Like I said early, many people believe this a 100% accurate, why not improve your image and add your name to the list of professional services or products.

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Reputation through Association


There is a concept that if you are part of a successful or popular organization, that its good deeds will magically be bestowed upon you like royalty.  Just because you show up to a meeting, display the organization logo on your website doesn’t mean you deserve the benefits of their good deeds.

We should not label an athlete who makes a bad decision to visits childhood friends with questionable reputation as being a bad person. Hanging out with the “cool” kids in school didn’t make you a better or an awful person.  Playing golf at the exclusive country club doesn’t make your business practice more successful than the guy at the public golf course.

Logic dictates that a single persons reputation doesn’t instantly transform to the association so why do we assume an association of many reputations would transfer to one?  The lack of or power we give to an image is judged by many, so it is best that we think about our image before making an association.

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Images they are Amusing

People Watching

Stop, look around and take in the images people are presenting to the world.  You have the young reality want-a-bee with pants hanging down and looking all cool, dark shades on, while in the building.   The fashion diva in her 6-inch pumps strutting around like she is the queen and all must move out of her way.  The businessmen who just arrived from the office still in full suit and tie looking confused, but already has an alcoholic drink in hand. The man wearing the blazer from the 1970’s with the pattern of the Budweiser logo all over it. The ladies who strategically fit their shirts to show off their assets and their counterpart looked like a Physicist from the Big Bang Theory.

The international family who’s grasps of the English language is better than native born residences. Teens who feel the tighter the clothes the better they look or the guy sporting the NFL shirt while attending a NBA playoff game.

I cannot forget the fanatic with the red Mohawk hair dressed in sports attire.  These are just some of the images I observed while performing at the United Center for game 5 of the Chicago Bulls playoffs.  I know why I’m dressed like I am, but looking around, I see many amusing and interesting images.