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Make coins travel through thin air.
Change one card to another in a spectator”s hand.
Make your own trick deck of cards from any ordinary deck, in 5 minutes.

  1. This CD will help you create Entertainment with Magic by Dean Paczewitz

    You won’t be using expensive stage props, you will use everyday, easily available objects, just the way the professionals do. The cards you need cost a few dollars, and Dean guesses you will be able to get the half dollars for around 50 cents apiece. You are going to avoid expense by learning sleight-of-hand. No, don’t put the book down yet. If you are imagining intricate, painful, finger exercises you are thinking about someone else’s book. These moves will be fun, and easy to remember. As you learn some basic, mostly easy, sleights, Dean points out some of the principles that make them deceptive. You can begin to create your own tricks using these principles. The idea is that a beginning magician does not’t have to be a poor performer, or stumble around trying to figure out which tricks are worth showing.

    The CD is produced in PDF format on CD. 8.5x 11, 37 pages

    Magic 101 – Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 – The Big Secret 2
    What You Will Learn: 2
    Practice: 3
    Never Repeat: 4
    Never Tell: 4

    Chapter 2 – Coins. 5
    The Moves: 6
    The Classic Palm: 6
    The Finger Palm: 6
    The French Drop: 6
    The Principle: 7
    Directing Attention: 7
    The Tricks: 8
    The Warm Up: 8
    Hand to Hand (2 methods): 9
    Thieves and Sheep: 11
    Sympathetic Coins: 13

    Chapter 3 – Cards. 16
    The moves: 16
    Glimpse: 16
    Overhand Shuffle: 17
    False Overhand Shuffle: 17
    Double Lift: 18
    Glide: 20
    Forces: 21
    The Principle: 23
    Magic vs. Puzzles: 23
    The Tricks: 24
    You Do As I Do: 24
    The Reversed Card: 25
    Larry Gray’s Comedy Speller: 26
    A Card in Hand: 27
    Make Your Own Trick Deck (in 5 minutes): 29
    Nobody Likes a Smart Aleck: 30

    Chapter 4 – Going Farther 31
    Some Coaching: 31
    Buying Equipment: 33
    Organizations: 34
    Bibliography: 34
    About the Author: 36

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