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Product Description

Are you looking to replace your balloon apron?  Do you need your balloons organized and appear professional? Then the Easy Load Tuck’n Go is the balloon apron for you!

Become Efficiently Organized

The world of balloon entertaining is changing and no longer can a professional entertainer survive with a three-pocket apron with balloons scattered in multiple pockets.  Their success relies on their ability to find specific colors, shapes, and size balloons is critical because top rated balloon artists understand being organized increases their efficiency.

Professional Looking

The Easy Load Tuck’n Go apron is for the professional entertainer who is looking for a clean, sleek looking apron that captures the audience’s attention as the balloons are displayed in colorful groups.  The Easy Load Tuck’n Go is constructed from a sturdy black canvas material that will take the abuse year-after-year.  Each canvas apron is handmade and inspected prior to being shipped, guaranteeing the best of quality in construction.

Simple to Use

The Easy Load Tuck’n Go uses easy load strips, which quickly locks down 50-60 balloons at a time.  Simply unsnap the easy load strip from the apron, pull open the easy load strip tabs and lay your twisting balloons vertically in the holder.  Snap the easy load strip back into the apron and your ready to go.

Big Bang in a Little Apron

Dimensionally as big as our Easy Load Deluxe Apron, the Easy Laod Tuck’n Go has only one strip that holds 500+ balloons.  This is an ideal balloon apron for the entertainer who wants to carry a variety of balloons, but not the entire balloons store.  The easy load strips can hold any size-twisting balloon from 160’s to 646’s.  Simply load the apron with colors and sizes you need and your ready for your show.

The Easy Load Tuck’n Go Includes

•    One Easy Load Strip.
•    15 Pockets, large & small.
•    4 Utility Loops
•    No zipper sides, tucks into a large pocket
•    Standard black

Key Feature

The easy load strips where designed specifically for Easy Load Tuck’n Go apron and was tested by professional balloon artists.  Restocking is critical to any balloon artist and the easy load strips make it easy for an entertainer to remove the strip, reload and organize the balloons, and snap back into the apron.  The 10 individual balloon loops make it ideal for any balloon entertainer to care a variety of balloons to any job.

The ‘Easy Load’ balloon strips have been designed to carry any combination and quantity of balloons. The strips are versatile and can hold 160”s, 260”s, and 350”s quite easily.

Lots of Pockets

Each bag has 15 additional pockets in addition to the 10 easy load strip. These pockets are staggered along the width of the apron allowing additional balloons to be organized giving the entertainer quick access to each balloon pocket.  Many entertainers will reserve a pocket or two for markers and business cards.  No longer will you be fumbling around looking for these keep key tools.

Utility Loops

There are four Balloon Utility Loops – two on each side. These nifty little additions are perfect for tying on those things that you just don’t want to loose… Attach a pump for lightning fast access… Tie on some scissors or maybe that favorite marker. With so many options, this bag will mak

Additional Information

Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 15 x 2 in


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