Easy Load Jumbo Balloon Apron


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Product Description

Jumbo Balloon Apron Holds Thousands of Balloons!


  • Constructed out of sturdy canvas material
  • Reinforced stitching prevents rip-outs
  • Compact in size
  • Designed for a professional balloon artist

Designed for the Professional Twister, Clown, or Decorator who uses a lot of balloons,
objects, etc. and needs more than the Deluxe can hold.

There are 19 pockets in the ‘Easy Load Jumbo’ – overall dimensions 21 1/2″ wide by 15 in high. The apron comes with a 2 in wide webbing belt with a side release parachute clip.

  • Two large 10 in x 8 in pockets hidden in the back behind the balloon loops – these are big enough to put in half sheets of paper for flyers or other hand outs. They are also great safe place for tips.
  • Six 6 3/4 in x 8 in pockets – stuff your tiny toys and candies – specialty balloons – just about anything…
  • Two  5 in x 6 in pockets – just deep enough so your pens don”t get lost at the bottom!
  • One 4½ in x 6 in pocket.
  • Two 3 in x 6 in pockets.
  • One  4½ in x 5 in pocket.
  • Two  5 in x 5 in pockets – these are great for business cards and those little round balloons.
  • Two 3 in x 5 in pockets.
  • One jumbo zippered pocket (10′ x 21½’) to hold all the balloons you”ve strapped in.
  • The ‘Easy Load Jumbo’ has three snap-on ‘Balloon Strips’ with twelve  loops each.

Want more…

There are four Balloon Utility Loops on the Jumbo Balloon Apron – two sets of two on each side. These nifty little additions are perfect for tying on those things that you just don’t want to lose…Attach a pump for lightning fast access… Tie on some scissors or maybe that favorite marker. With so many options, this bag will make your life much simpler.


Additional Information

Weight 3.00 lbs
Dimensions 21.5 x 15 x 2 in


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