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Balloon Twisting by Dale DVD Contains:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions – Designed especially for kids
  • Learn 10 fun balloon designs – 8 single balloon, 1 two-balloon, and 1 three-balloon designs
  • Teach Balloon Safety – Teaches the do’s and don’ts of balloon safety
  • Simple Terminology – Kids and parents will be able to follow along
  • Education Fun Facts – Learn fun fact after each balloon animal design

Kids will learn how to make simple balloon animals step-by-step.  Each balloon design will builds off the previous animal design, making learning quick and easier and will build a child’s confidence in mastering the art of balloon twisting.Balloon Twisting by Dale DVD was designed for kids!

Balloon Twisting by Dale DVD will teach balloon safety and responsibilities as a junior balloon twister. Each lesson will start with Magical Balloon-dude pronouncing the balloon creation and a graphical representation will appear on the TV screen that will help a child learn how to spell the balloon animal designs they are creating.

Dale (aka Magial Balloon-dude Dale) will explain in simple terms, how to create a sword, mouse, poodle, monkey, frog, snake, Teddy bear, parrot, baseball cap and fish all in a widescreen format.

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