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Kenton Kruger is an award-winning Canadian balloon artist that takes the “2 big eyed” hat base and developed a whole series of masks and costumes. His first publication, “Twist This!” introduced their style to the industry.  This release represents his first solo release – and it is an impressive effort!

On this DVD Kenton expands on his work from his first publication with even more impressive masks and costumes which can be made in 5 minutes or less and can be used in line work.   The creations on this DVD are sure to set you apart from other twisters in your area!

Kenton uses from 5 to 12 balloons per mask/costume but keeps the detail balanced to what works and how long it takes.  He uses all the assortments of 260s and 160s, 5″ Rounds in White, Red, Blue, and a Jungle Print, Small Hearts in Red, and some uninflated 646s for the turtle mask.

Includes: Mask Base, Frog Mask, Fighting Turtle Costume, Garbage Can Monster, Whirling Devil Mask, Bear Mask, Lion Mask, Shark Costume, Dog Mask, Butterfly Costume, Angel Costume, Fairy Costume, Bat Costume, Bouncing Tiger Costume, Mouse Costume,  and Spider Costume.


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