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When you have been entertaining for a long time you pickup quite a few skills.  I know how to juggle, do magic, stilt walking, ride a unicycle, bull whip, and clown. But what I'm most famous for is the balloon twisting.

Fire Juggling

That's me juggling fire at a live radio broadcast.
Go figure juggling on the radio?

HyperCBK2.jpg (44470 bytes)
That's me...Hyper the Clown.  I perform about 3  to 4 times a year as a clown. Most of the time I perform as the Magical Balloon-dude Dale.  

I find that being a clown limits what you can do.  The customer wants you to sit and paint face or play kid games.  Nothing against that stuff, its' just not me.

 rolla.jpg (16274 bytes)

In my juggling days, I would do the Devil Stick on the Rolla Bola

HyperFir.jpg (12366 bytes)

Hyper (me) in the yearly years when flash-paper was cool and clowning was the name of the game


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