50th wedding anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary
Balloon Centerpiece Kit

Not everyone can say they've been married 50 years. So why not make it special with the 50th Wedding Anniversary Centerpiece.

This 50th wedding anniversary party will be as big as there wedding day, so don't hold back, make it glamour's eye stunning event. The Golden Wedding centerpiece will add allegiance and glamour to the special day. Family and friends will be impressed with this elegant centerpiece and astonished that you made it.

Professional designers will charge you for setup and break down - Why waste money. Do it yourself and save! It's comes with everything you need balloons, tulle, templates, pear beading, and easy step-by-step instructions.

The 50th wedding anniversary centerpiece uses the ClearPedestal system, which can be used over and over with many other designs. Instructions were designed by Magical Balloon-dude Dale a professional balloon entertainer and has a Masters degree in Communication and Training.

Balloons included are pure latex and are biodegradable.

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You don't need to be a professional designer to make a stunning 50th Wedding Anniversary centerpiece.

Golden Wedding B alloon Centerpiece Kit

Dealers Inquires Welcome

Quick and easy,
ready to assemble,
lasts for weeks!

Kit includes: Balloons, ClearPedestal, Templates, Ribbon, and easy to follow instructions.

Centerpiece is approximately 25 inch high.